What we will offer

Our priority will be to offer our guests a place to escape from the stress of working life and from the noise and climate pollution of cities.

What we want is to be able to offer you not a stay, not a holiday … but a “beautiful memory”.

A beautiful memory is made up of emotions, peace, silence, contact with nature and animals.
A beautiful memory also consists of moments together, if you wish, as of a respectful solitude.

In the summer you can take walks, hikes, but also just relax in the shade of a tree and enjoy the silence.
You can visit the surrounding villages, fish comfortably by the lake, read a book while sipping a glass of wine.

In winter you can go cross-country skiing or hiking in the snow.

In the evening you can relax by taking a hot bath under the stars and, if mother nature will allow it, admire the magic of the “northern lights”.